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We will soon find out if Patricia Krentcil, “tanning mom”, actually took her 5 year old daughter into a tanning bed.  Children services intervened when school officials reported that the 5 year old had suffered from a sunburn.

Dear Patricia, you could’ve called me!!!  I would’ve been happy to give you a spray tan.  I have a completely mobile setup, I could’ve come to you.  Heck, you could’ve booked a spray tan party.  I would’ve bronzed you and all of your friends.  Darn “Patty”, not only are you facing jail time, but your skin looks like a leather handbag.  In fifteen minutes, you could’ve been a nice golden brown without the harmful UV rays.  Geeesh “Pat”, I wish you would’ve called…

Photo by Ferhat, Makeup and tanning by ME!!!